by Western Haunts

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On a barren stretch of Highway 99, just south of Seattle’s Aurora Bridge sits Western Haunts’ self-retrofitted recording and rehearsal space. Atop a steep flight of outdoor stairs, within a storage facility in front of a parking lot of abandoned cars is where the band has recorded and produced all of their own releases. It’s a rough, hardscrabble setting, which starkly contrasts with the bands' lush, vast, glacial sound. Paradoxically, it's a sound that might have never developed without the creative freedom that this unique environment offers, free from the time and financial constraints of traditional studios, allowing the band to fine-tune its sound in a way many new bands can't.

Gradients, Western Haunts latest self-released full-length, is truly a product of its environment. Challenging circumstances, including stumbling upon an armed burglary attempt on their studio and nightly rounds of gun fire, threatened to curtail the Spring 2015 recording and mixing sessions. To say this made for a tense creative energy in the studio is certainly an understatement. To say that Gradients doesn’t deliver on the sonic embodiment of driving tension and the rush of cathartic release would be a mistake. Gradients is a lush, vast, glacial album that walks in the footsteps of its 2014 self-titled predecessor. However, what differentiates Gradients from the rest of Western Haunts’ discography is the distinct incorporation of 80’s New Wave and Post-Punk influences, making Gradients their most upbeat and dynamic release yet.

Western Haunts has also partnered once again with local Seattle artists to create the cover and CD artwork for their latest release. Harold Hollingsworth, a talented local artist and painter who previously shot and directed the band’s music video for their song A Zealot Sun and Jason LeJeunesse, painter and Seattle nightlife owner (Neumos, Capitol Hill Block Party) have visually captured the stark, moody tone of Gradients with stunning results.


released September 15, 2015



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Western Haunts Seattle, Washington

Western Haunts’ KEXP-approved dream-pop sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze. Across two EPs and their recently-released debut album, the Seattle quartet have slowly sharpened their sweeping harmonics into something that’s nothing short of gorgeously gauzy. ... more

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Track Name: The Laws
By bonds
We lost
Our vows

Our hearts
Bought out
Our cross

Youve been guarded by
forbidden gardens (its all because)
The laws
We seem guarded By
beliefs discarded (we've broken all)
The laws

Our heads
We'll sell
Our locks

Our teeth
Our roots
Are Rot

Our thoughts
Our fears

Lost souls
Our stakes
Track Name: Millonaires
In the Town where we were born.
There's division
A provision for our millionaires

In the mines and on the floor
Find/buy redemption/theres a mourning
No we can't all be the millionaires

With all of us mourning, fire off a warning
We need the light to light the spark to light

Are we fodder for the war
Of convention/here's your warning
Merely fuel to fire the millionaires

Sell your sight to save the store
the expansion.
Tired cannon of the millionaires
Track Name: People In Decline
Is this Politic or passion
Your preacher is a pusher
For people in decline
Heart wont revive

Mothers milk or oil and water
Our profits or a martyr
For people in decline
Our poisoned pride

They're cannibals for hire
For pyros lighting fires
The people in decline
Never fit the design

Are we mortars or immortal
Or pixels in a portal
Our digital divide
Poor in our prime

When a bloodlust thrives
In the throes of a lie
A courtship dies
We'll hunt our own tribe
Track Name: Running On A Wire
We're arm and arm
We know we've worn

Running On a wire
And I know that you're already gone

We come from common blood lines
Separate lives
You follow scriptures time lines
Blinded by

Your own, your own
There's no omen there's no right
Broken beacons only cite
Track Name: Curtains
Will we grow
Too old
Before were bold

To our mend
Present tense

A fading
The final throes
The caving
Our resting home

A farewell show
A sudden end
To what's about to fall/The writings on the wall

The curtain falls

The load
Will we bear
And cope
Or disappear

Are we whole
High hopes
Come with a toll
Track Name: Waiting Pool
I drink HS quarterback blood
Multiplies the bones in my body

Skyline lightning, high on the night
Caffeine crash and nicotine prom queen

Right into a waiting pool
Rip tides of glimmering glass

The proof. The light.
All of it fleeting
The heart. Your life.
Can't stop the beating

The greed. The fright.
All wall street people
Their gain. Our plight.
Burn down their steeple