The Ambassador EP

by Western Haunts

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Fueled by uprising and in the spirit of the folk revival music tradition, Western Haunts’ moody, psych-tinged fourth release, The Ambassador E.P., follows in the footsteps of its predecessor’s expansive, anthemic song craft, the Utøya E.P.(2011). Recorded and produced by the band in a collection of storage units along a dilapidated stretch of Seattle highway, The Ambassador E.P. (OUT JULY 2012) is a collection of songs penned for the disenfranchised with a sonic wash of populist zeal.

Western Haunts’ musical progression from reverb drenched, Americana into a driving, psychedelic rock outfit continues to evolve on The Ambassador E.P. The band’s knack for layering lush organ and vocal soundscapes with pulsing, percussive, rhythms and spiraling guitar lines, blanket the listener in sound on the new release. Ominous lyrical themes weave a cautionary tale of living in a rich eats poor world of talking heads, crooks, cronies and inequity. On the eve of Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday and the twilight of a turbulent period of global unrest, Western Haunt’s latest work poses the question of what do we do the morning after.


released August 14, 2012

Jake Witt - Vocals & Guitar
Nathan Witt - Drums & Vocals
Michel DeBauge - Keys & Vocals



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Western Haunts Seattle, Washington

Western Haunts’ KEXP-approved dream-pop sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze. Across two EPs and their recently-released debut album, the Seattle quartet have slowly sharpened their sweeping harmonics into something that’s nothing short of gorgeously gauzy. ... more

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Track Name: Capitol Fires
Run through the market like wild hungry children of cannibal criminals free like the flood
With their silver silver tongues.

You draw a line in the sand hand in hand with the bandits who ran in the name of the cross
Crooked albatross

You can rely on. Bandits light the…
Capitol Fires
From the sleeping shepherd
You can rely on. Fools gold

Are you one of us? On a wire
Spark a fight in us. In the fire

Where do I stand? Where do I cross?
Where will I land? Is it all lost?
Track Name: Cairo
I can see your colors running
Fire on a bed that’s burning
Silence all your children’s laughter
Cairo it’s the morning after

Standing on our shoulders pharaoh
Line them up and sling your arrows
Mired in ancient river narrows
Flood the street with all our marrow

In halls of elders we’ll bloom our shelter
Tear the gates down and flower the seeds of spring
Track Name: The Strawman
All my mistakes. In your eyes.
Cuts like a blade. In your side.
Ghosts in the grain, fire on the plain side
Voicing the lie, read off the page lines

Halls we haunted, all forgotten

You can’t have it either way from behind a veiled lie
Singed your wings like a moth from a flame
You’re a strawman’s shame inside

All my disdain, fire inside
Placing the blame, wounded pride.
Lighthouse in flames, sirens song wains, cries
Rising black tides, drowned suit and tie

All I wanted, all eyes on

Straw man in the gallows, a hangin’ on
All our shadows, a carrion.
Track Name: Blue Blooded
I’m blue blooded, born and bred too slow
The meager earnings, of the working droves
Sons of Lazarus born, debtor’s prison scorn
Burn their idols, restore the morgue

We’ll live off the tomb in the wake of, emptied trust
All our dimes in a well we’ll drain, inherit us

I’m blue blooded, on a pedestal
Like my father, just like his before
Courses my veins cold, heir to the throne I’ll grow
What I’ll inherit, I’ll cast as stones

Blood on loan, broken homes
We’re all losing blood
Our type, tangled up in the blood lines