Problem Pop

by Western Haunts

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On Western Haunts latest LP, PROBLEM POP, the band chose to partner with LA based producer and musician Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, Tacocat, Moondoggies) who co-produced the album.

PROBLEM POP walks in the footsteps of its 2015 predecessor GRADIENTS while setting itself apart from the rest of Western Haunts’ discography, with the distinct incorporation of vintage electronic rhythmic and synth elements, invoking 80’s New Wave and 90's Post-Punk influences.

PROBLEM POP is the product of a stark societal landscape, fallen icons and the warm glow of a neon dystopian malaise. Lush synth pads and icy guitars interplay with jagged beats and wiry bass lines to create a foundation for lead vocalist Jake Witt's sulky, shoegaze-kissed vocals.


released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved



Western Haunts Seattle, Washington

Western Haunts’ KEXP-approved dream-pop sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze. Across two EPs and their recently-released debut album, the Seattle quartet have slowly sharpened their sweeping harmonics into something that’s nothing short of gorgeously gauzy. ... more

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Track Name: Man Made Heart
will u hold up 4 me
we're u formed hastily

man made heart
all that remains human
all that remains man made

all our lives found (by a landslide)
buried by what I left behind
dig me out after i'm lost
when i'm gone remember us

cotter the blood when you open the vein, does it feel the same
harder to feel when the murmur remains, does it beat the same
Track Name: Saved 4 Me
not here to argue
not here to beg
not here to sober
even if it's in his plan

but I will
if that's what it takes
to keep you saved
saved for me

not here to judge you
not here to ban
not here to shelter
even if it's in his plan
Track Name: Don't Stop and Start
don't stop and start leave the part out with meaning
don't stop and start fall apart lost the feeling
(only if we)
jump start my heart stop the bleeding
don't stop and start leave the part out with meaning
have it all, have it all, or you'll never

whatever they will ask of u SLOW DOWN
whenever the require u to HOLD OUT
you're always a position to bend OH NO
it's always when u want it to end HOW LONG

u never wanted blood on your hands SO LONG
you'll never win their hearts with demands NEVER MIND
catalogue the mouths that depend MEETS END
memorize the impulse to blend SETTLE DOWN
Track Name: Like Smoke
what i wanted the most
slipped through my fingers
like smoke

now I won't let it go
haunting my memories
like ghosts

ah a ah, ah a ah
want it more
i bet u won't
a long delay
there's so much longing to
ah a ah, ah a ah, ah a ah
wanted more to know
there's always wanting in the way
ah a ah, ah a ah, ah a ah
want it more and more
there's mourning when it's gone away
Track Name: Division
there's a line, where you're born ...

we we're broke by the fall, will u come when i call or do u fear now?
we we're bold, we we're brash, cure for cancer is cash, in the clear now?
what a thrill, what a joke, all the cigarette smoke and the mirrors now.
in the sunshine you'll bask, is there a starker contrast, with how i feel now?

never enough, division, never enough ...

all the bars have been paved, with a weapons grade haze, of luxury.
hi-tech crash, we're a rash, of developers trash, flooded city.
they're the worst, we've been cursed, by our blood-drunken thirst to compete, now.
Say hello to the wave, of our counter culture grave, do you fear now?
by the swell, of this cubical hell...

there's a way, that we biodegrade ...

fled their tombs, once their homes, that's how colonialism throws, temper tantrum.
mind the bullets, mind the noise, they're a fascist bunch of boys, in the club man.
we were drunk by the way, that the sky had turned gray in our moment now.
there's a song that was sung, when the benefits hung by a string now.
Track Name: Start A Family
out all night, home at dawn
pay the price, we're still young
later on, all your friends
all wind up, newlyweds (but then again)

do do do de-do do-do
start a family
do do do de-do do-do
start a family

home from work, change your clothes friday night, learn your role
late at night, in your bed
come to life, in your head
all your life, you've been led
better off, deep in debt (but then again)
Track Name: Modest Height
there's a sharp light
florescent blade
from a modest height
your temples grey
was it always there
in the empty office air
glaze an earnest stare
let go of the meeker fare
there's a soft white
an empty fade
from a modest height
they'll curse your name

ooh ooh
i'd love to make the most of it
but not tonight
ooh ooh
i'd love to make the most of all
only awake when it's light

there's a shocked life
unwritten page
from a modest height
they'll rue the day
we're u always there
in a renter's armchair
brave your daughter's tears
challenge her to go there
Track Name: Terrified
i'm terrified
by the news
it's crystallized
killing blues
hurt ripe off the vine
we bruise
what a star to burst and fade
from view

i'm paralyzed
fall apart
like an old man's beating heart seeks eternal youth

why do we keep on staying?
why do we keep on changing?
why do we keep on praying?
how do we keep on?

when there's so much rain
shadows cast
when there's so much rain
we know that nothings ever meant to last

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