Western Haunts 2014 LP (preview)

by Western Haunts

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Lofty expectations and devastating disap¬pointments. Euphoric highs and general malaise. Break-ups make-ups and facing an uncertain future. Western Haunts latest self-titled album is music for the washed up, burnt out and the clock that’s ticking down. With a revamped lineup and new found energy, the band has created a lush, vast, glacial album. Western Haunts still touches on the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze, while being firmly rooted in Americana that the band is known for. However this collection of songs also cascades with a sense of urgency and immediacy that may feel new lo listeners.

Western Haunts music can be heard across the nation on CMJ radio stations and programming on MTV and FUEL TV. Live, Western Haunts have been touring and playing bills with national artists the likes of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Sam Roberts Band, Lost In The Trees, Said The Whale, TEEN, Jessica Lea Mayfield and The Moondoggies. The band has been a featured studio performer on KEXP, performed at premiere music festivals such as Seattle's Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party, The Denver Times Underground Music Showcase and curated shows by Seattle's City Arts Magazine and Seattle Weekly.

Western Haunts is currently back in their recording studio working on a brand new record, set for release in early Summer 2015. The band has once again partnered with Seattle artist, painter and photographer Harold Hollingsworth to create a series of inspired visuals and singles which will be released in advance of the 7 song EP. Hollingsworth previously shot and directed the band’s music video for their song A Zealot Sun and also created the cover artwork for their 2014 self-titled full length release.

For more information on Harold Hollingsworth’s work: haroldhollingsworth.blogspot.com

Press Contact:
Cristina Ramirez
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released February 11, 2014

Album Artwork by Harold Hollingsworth
Photography by Linn Hykkerud



all rights reserved


Western Haunts Seattle, Washington

Western Haunts’ KEXP-approved dream-pop sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the haze of psychedelia and shoegaze. Across two EPs and their recently-released debut album, the Seattle quartet have slowly sharpened their sweeping harmonics into something that’s nothing short of gorgeously gauzy. ... more

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Track Name: The Green Room
In a space, a crowd, but no ones there
A toast in the green room
In a mood, to move, but eyes just stare
Here's to our health
Track Name: Magazines
Water to fill a wishing well
Air we can breathe in daydreams

Are these the ties that bind?
Or weigh us down?
Sell off your pack of lies
Old hand me downs

Bred by the ghosts of bright lights
Are we burnt out
Born Holding on to the hope
Now it's all gone
What we imagined, lost

Harder to sell a fairytale
I still believe in magazines

Boxed in, frozen in time
Come break us down
Oh how the years slip by
Our college town
Track Name: Come Around
Tragedy Growing roots like a willow tree. Brittle leaves billow down,
Deadens on the ground

Constantly we lost stock in our company. Bitter pill swallowed whole.
Old enough to know.

Why won't u come around? Why won't u come around?
Why won't u come around to my way?

Lost at sea. Sun and moon setting over me. In the flood Were all drowned. Tides won't hold me down.

Gnarled grief. Hanging noose from your family tree. Tangled knots all around. Ghosts wont make a sound.
Track Name: When The Lights Dull
All your harboring
All you hold in
I'm holding in
The home we started in

When the light dulls
When a life stalls
When the light dulls, it's off

When your heights fall
When the night calls
When the light dulls, it's off

Don't you want it all
Don't you want to know

Broken promises
I'm mending these
Bones discarded and lost

Don't you want it all
Don't you want to know
Track Name: Novocaine
On holiday
Lazy summer glow
Call out my name
Hazy copper gold
Hang on today
We'll escape the cold

Open your veins
Bleed out everyone
Who Rattled our cage
Washed out in the flood of
Our Novocain
Coursing through our blood

We're all the same, falling
You'll know my name, call me i'm your
Novocain, oh novocain
They'll never change, stalling
Numb from the pain, I wanna be your
Novocain, oh novocain

Fire on the plains
Blazing burning coals
Dance on our graves
Barefoot tippy-toes
Our lawns been paved
Sprawling city rose
Track Name: Sirens Den
A living wage
It's all the rage
We'll grow
Oh no

Our ice age
A living wage
Is left
Freezing cold

In the sirens den
We're awash in the seas we parted
Standing on the ledge
Looking out across the wars we started

Torn apart
Never start
Out grow
The show

Heaven sent
Or tourniquet
A liar

Was it divine
Or out of you mind
Hard to inspire
From what you perspire
Are we aligned
Like Particles bind
Harder to fight
The devils inside
Track Name: TV Glow
Drawn to the static and electric buzz
Dull down the Shadows when the TV runs
Burn off the feeling in the evening sun
Noise in the channels where the spirit once was

Listen to the hum
Running through your blood
Limbs are growing numb
Line your pockets son

Only see who they are
When the lights dim low
In the TV Glow

Lies in the title as the credits roll
Loosen your handle on remote control
We could be undone
By noise in the channel where the spirit once was

Tubes blown watch our bodies smoke
Contrast colors all our bones
Never shown, noise in the channels
Whats all our own, noise in the channels
Track Name: It's Not Enough
We can seem removed
When there's everything to prove
And our hearts are beating through our chests
Lessons from your past
Singed a brand across your best
But I know another day will test us

Restless rust belt heat
Lines your casket and the creek
Where necking adolescents meet
Pound your pavement streets
To your corporate high-rise suite
Is that all the company you can keep

It's not enough just try/keep dreaming
It's not enough to say it is
No not again believe me
It's not enough to say it is

Sleepwalk through the day
bloodshot eyes run down the page
Of returns and losses from our age
Chime, our waking hour
When we summon up the power
And we live the way we feel when the seeds of change are real